The system for replacing bedpan washers or pulpers

Bring about a positive change together

Many nursing and care institutions are facing challenges. Examples are high workload, hygiene, unpleasant odours, sustainability and rising costs. For those reasons, Less2Care has developed a practical concept for tackling these issues.

Together we will make nursing and care institutions into worthy and fine places once more.

Where employees are proud to be working. Residents live in comfort. And family members are happy to visit.

“Al meer dan 1000 tevreden zorgafdelingen maken gebruik van ons concept.”

Easing the workload

Less2Care's efficient concept will reduce the pressure on the job of care workers to a significant extent. Lowering the work pressure means that care workers will get more work pleasure from their job.

It will allow care workers to spend more of their valuable time on the really important things. Care, well-being and contact with the residents.

Get rid of odour nuisance

Less2Care provides the solution for the prevention of odour nuisance.

Getting rid of odour nuisance will immediately lead to an improved working and living environment. And it promotes a dignified and comfortable atmosphere in care facilities.

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Hygiene assured

Less2Care's concept improves hygiene significantly. You can collect all contaminated incontinence material and care waste in a safe manner. All pathogens are neutralised and your risk of infection is reduced.

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Less medication in surface water

Contribute to the GreenDeal Sustainable Care with Less2Care.

The efficient incontinence material and care waste collection results in fewer medicinal residues ending up in surface water. This concept is by far the more sustainable innovation for bedpan washers and pulpers.

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On the way to a better care experience with Less2Care

Less2Care's concept brings about hygiene improvements in your organisation's working procedure. These ensure significant cost savings and a healthier environment for residents, employees and visitors. Working together, we provide a clean and safe environment, and prepare your organization for a sustainable future.

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Experiences of care professionals


Odourless and neutral

Our Iso-Bag is made from a certified safety structure. The Iso-Bag is 100% odour-free, airtight and watertight. Unlike normal waste bags, it is not porous. It is an effective means for us to prevent the spread of unpleasant odours and risk of infection by pathogens.

Collect waste safely with convenient foot operation

Using the Iso-Safe, all operations can be performed in a single place. All the care waste can be collected directly at the resident's door. Care waste can also stay longer on the wards without unpleasant odours being released.

Ensure 100% hygiene with a single foot movement

The Iso-Air extracts air from the Iso-Bag and purifies the extracted air. The filters ensure the extracted air is 100% clean. After the vacuum process, the Iso-Bag is hermetically sealed for safe, odour-free storage.

Ways in which Less2Care ensures hygiene on the workfloor: