The practical and hygienic, foot-operated collector

The tool for collecting incontinence material

Less2Care's collection system drastically reduces walking distances in care facilities. Regular treks to the bedpan washer, pulper or containers are a thing of the past. This is how the Iso-Safe brings about considerable time savings and reduced workload for care workers. 

All operations can be performed in a single place. All the care waste can be collected directly at the resident's door. Care waste can also stay longer on the wards without unpleasant odours being released.


Deny viruses and bacteria any chance!

Iso-Safe en Iso-Air
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Safe collection with the Iso-Safe

The Iso-Safe has a rubber closure mechanism with a strong clamping spring and thus no lid. Consequently, air movement on opening is minimized. Upon closure, the Iso-Bag is sealed airtight.

The Iso-Safe is foot-operated in accordance with SRI guidelines. heeft de Iso-Safe voetbediening.

It is simple to maintain as it is easy to clean and disinfect.

The high-quality and durable components give the cart a long service life.