Guarantee hygiene

Collect incontinence material safely

Using the Iso-Air, hygiene on your ward is assured by safely isolating infected incontinence material and care waste. In this way, you prevent odour nuisance and reduce the risk of infection by pathogens.

The Iso-Air extracts air from the Iso-Bag and purifies the extracted air. The filters ensure the extracted air is 100% clean. After the vacuum process, the Iso-Bag is hermetically sealed for safe, odour-free storage.


Deny viruses and bacteria any chance!

Gevacumeerde Iso-Bag in Iso-Air
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Benefits of the Iso-Air

  • Validated medical filter in combination with a high-quality active odour filter
  • Operated completely hands-free, in accordance with SRI (Alliance for Guidelines on Infection Prevention) guidelines
  • Completely automatic and safe process
  • Specifically developed for and by the nursing and care sector
  • 10-year guarantee* as standard

*Provided the maintenance is carried out annually by Less2Care.