Hygiene and efficiency in waste logistics
for care institutions

Less2Care: for an odourless healthcare environment

A comfortable, odourless living and working environment. This is not always the case at nursing home care institutions. Nasty odours from incontinence waste do not provide that homely experience you want for your residents and their visitors. People may even think that the area is not kept clean.

Fortunately, as a care institution you do not have to settle for this. Less2Care helps you to completely remove these odours. How? By making the waste process easier, more efficient, more hygienic and, above all, odourless.

We promise you this

clean and safe waste collection, without odour and without risk of infection, from the resident’s room to the container outside: out of sight and very hygienic.

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the convenient vacuum technology neutralises the air, halves the volume and saves a lot of working hours. Convenient and cost-saving.

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the waste collection process can be improved to make it easier, better and more effective. We help you have more time for the people in your institution by improving your waste flow management.

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Testimonials that make us blush…

  • Vacuuming incontinence material was a huge success at our new location. The actions were easy to carry out, there is no more odour nuisance and the costs for disposal have been greatly reduced. We also started to use the Less2care system at other locations.

    Betty Munnik Vecht en IJssel
  • Inovum set out to find occupational health and safety friendly transport of waste that would also reduce unpleasant odours. The Less2Care solutions proved to be just what we needed! Residents, visitors and staff are more than happy. Transport costs decreased by 50% and the dirty waste odours are gone.

    Paul Verdonkschot Inovum
  • Less2Care provided a non-binding survey of our waste streams and explained the returns to be achieved by implementing new technologies. The enthusiastic story of Less2Care proved to work in practice. The waste volume and the nasty odours were drastically reduced - and the same applies for the invoices for waste management.

    Sandra van der Velden Woonzorgflat Brandsen

An odourless care institution? We make your
waste logistics easy, efficient and hygienic.


A room that smells fresh

Stop that nasty odour straight away with special Less2Care airtight binbags.


Cleaner collection

Practical collectors with foot control make it more hygienic and easier for the caregiver.


Airtight storage

Nasty smells disappear. The vacuum machine halves the volume of waste and removes the odour at the same time.


Odourless transport

The best route and an odourless solution for transport within the care institution itself.


Smart storage outside

Cleaner, faster, safer and out of sight.