A positive change in care provision

About Less2Care

Less2Care was founded in 2010 with the aim of bringing about a positive change in the care sector.

Many nursing and care institutions are facing the challenges associated with the sector of high workload, hygiene, odour nuisance, sustainability and rising costs. As a solution, Less2Care has developed a practical concept for tackling these issues.

Our mission is crystal clear:Working with you to create a safer and better care experience in which well-being and health are the key focus for care workers and residents.


We stand for

More hands by the bed

Dignity as compass

'Safe working and living with dignity'. That is what we focus on at Less2Care.

Increasing hygiene and solving odour nuisance makes a direct contribution to improved well-being and health. This turns nursing and care institutions into worthy and fine places once more. Where employees are proud to be working. Residents live in comfort. And family members are happy to visit.

Medewerker in verpleeghuis in gesprek met oudere

More hands by the bed

Less2Care's efficient concept will reduce the pressure on the job of care workers to a significant extent. Lowering the work pressure means that care workers will get more work pleasure from their job. Door de werkdruk te verlagen ervaren zorgmedewerkers meer werkplezier.

It will allow care workers to spend more of their valuable time on the really important things. Care, well-being and contact with the residents.

Hygiene protects

We believe that a positive change starts from more attention to hygiene. And that is exactly what we offer.

Our concept results in immediate and substantial hygiene improvements. The improved hygiene reduces the risk of infection. This ensures a safe working and living environment for care workers and residents.

Iso-Bag op Iso-Air
Afval verzamelen in Iso-Safe

A concrete step towards sustainability

A positive change that also means we are actively contributing to the sustainability of the care sector.

As a result of Less2Care's concept fewer medicinal residues from the care sector will end up in the surface water. You will also be prepared for future recycling and segregated waste projects.

A reduction in volume of care waste and incontinence material. Facilitates lower transport costs and a substantial reduction in CO2. 

Naturally, Less2Care has the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications in-house. This is indicative of the fact that we set the bar high in terms of quality and environmental management. Green Deal 3.0