Container systems

Container systems

Safe, clean and fast from trash bin to container. Innovative container systems help a care institution optimise the last stages of the waste management process, too. Less2Care has developed sustainable, health and safety friendly containers from which the content can be unloaded into underground containers through the bottom.

  • Roll the 800-litre container occupational health and safety compliant wheels with ball bearings to the upper inlet of the underground storage.
  • The lid of this galvanised and durable storage container will automatically slide open.
  • Open the bottom of the container easily and without effort using the system.
  • The content drops without assistance.
  • The lid closes automatically when the container is removed.
  • The systems are suitable for all types of waste: glass, paper, plastic and residual waste as well.
  • The system is also available with an inlet column with a sliding cover.
  • The system can also be provided with a built-in press (optional).

Apart from the fact that this system saves employees a lot of time, it also prevents unnecessary contact with waste and employees do not have to toss bin bags into containers. An added bonus is that the environment of the care institution looks a lot tidier and welcoming.

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